Google Adwords


What is Adword ?

Google Adwords is a technology in which we bid on a particular keyword according to CPC of running ads. It provides your listing in the google ad area which is shown on the top side and also on right side in google listing.

Its just like normal bidding to get on higher position in google , it varies per time slot. In this we have to maintain a budget and a per click cost (ppc) for a particular keyword. higher bid value show your website on top, then second, then third etc etc ..

But Adwords position is not only depends on bid value, it also depends on quality score. We can say that quality score is proportion to bid value. So the high quality score is also affect on website ranking.

Quality Score depends on following major facts :

  • Unique Content
  • Best Design
  • Follow Google rules
  • Avoid copy content

It means to say that it is not guaranteed that if one provide 100 RS bid per click and second one 70 RS , google high ad rank also depends on quality score.

We analyse all the facts and segments, so that your website will be in top with lowest money spend.

We also provide banner ads on particular website & youtube ads.

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